Arena Instant Antifog Spray & Swim

Introducing a new revolutionary goggle anti-fog treatment formula by Arena that delivers an extraordinary clarity of vision by reactivating your goggles anti-fog coating. A much quicker, more advanced anti-fog treatment for your training/racing goggles.

Simply spray and swim – no wiping, no rinsing and no drying needed. Re-apply periodically to reinvigorate your goggles clarity.


Spray once onto each lens from a distance of about 6-7” away. No need to rinse, wipe or waiting to dry – simply start using goggles right away.

Note: Immediately upon treatment until exposure to pool water occurs goggles will seem slightly blurry above water level. Once treated goggles become exposed under water clarity is optimized. Avoid touching inside of lens with fingers after treating lens with Spray and Swim. Treat goggles whenever the desire for additional clarity is needed.

Safe to the eyes: no need to rinse or wait.
Quicker, more effective and practical than traditional sprays.
New revolutionary formula that delivers an extraordinary clarity of vision.

95% Water, 0.5% Amphoteric surfactants, 0.5% Nonionic surfactants



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