Arena Racing Moulded Pro Swimming Cap-Silver

Get off the block and glide with our Moulded Pro swim cap. Engineered with 3D moulding for a wrinkle free fit that reduces friction, this head cover is a hydrodynamic solution for racing. It’s designed as an easy-to-wear style, even for long hair. We love the way our name pops against the contrasting background. Choose from a range of strong colors.

Material + Fit
Silicone is a durable, highly elastic material that smoothes your head into a sleek shape while protecting your hair. Strong, soft and streamlined, you’ll feel at your best on game day in a silicone cap.

Extend your cap’s lifespan with proper care. We recommend washing it in fresh water after use and air drying it away from radiators or other heat sources.

High Compression
Less Wrinkles
Suited for long hair
100% Silicone
PVC Free


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